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    Tech Tips, Series 2: iReady



  • COLT CALL 01/04/21

    Good Evening Parents, students and staff,

    This is Joycelyn Cassidy, principal of SWM with your Colt Call for the week of 1.04 to 1.08.   

    I hope that everyone has had a safe and wonderful holiday and looking forward to a prosperous and productive new year.  Monday, 1/4 is a TWD.  Students in Cohort A will return to school on Tuesday, 1/5, the first day of the new semester and students in Cohort B will return to school on Thursday, 1/7. 

    Report cards for this quarter will be distributed on 1/11 and 1/14.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to schedule a virtual or phone conference.  Due to the need to social distance, all conferences will remain in this manner.

    Beginning Tuesday, 1/5 students can submit a request for a schedule change in their encore classes. The opportunity will remain open until 1/19.  Students must get a form from Ms. Williams in the front office.  The form must have a parent signature and contact information.  Requests will be decided on first come first serve basis and class size as determined by state-mandated and OCS Covid 19 protocols and the ability to social distance.     

    When we return, checkout the school website for our second installment in out Tech Tip Series.  The topic focus is the iReady pathways.  If you have questions about iReady, these Tech Tips can answer those questions and help you help your child.

    The 2021 SWM yearbook is available for pre-orders online at Balfour.com.  See Ms. Hewitt or Ms. Mitchell for more information. 
    Mark Your Calendar: 

    •    OECHS applications are due 1/08/21
    •    Fall makeup pictures are scheduled for 1/8 for cohort B and 1/11 for cohort A.  These pictures are for new students and staff that did not have their picture taken earlier in the year.
    •    Science Check-ins for 8th grade science begins 1/11 for Cohort A and 1/14 for Cohort B. 
    •    Mid-Year diagnostics through iReady for 6-8 Reading and Math begin 1/21 for Cohort B and 1/25 for Cohort A.   It is very important that students try their best and be in attendance on all testing days.

    And finally, please remember we are still collecting any unpaid fees.  They can be paid either online or you can send in cash, check or money order to the school.

    This ends our Colt call, please enjoy the rest of your weekend. Goodbye.