Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. George Bischoff

I have taught since 2005 and I truly enjoy working with young people, striving both to increase their understanding of science and to improve their thinking skills. Both are essential for happy, successful futures in our ever changing, complex world.

Since earning my Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, I have worked in the food processing industry, quite a while in textile preparation, dyeing, printing, and finishing, several distribution centers, a shorter while in diesel and heavy equipment repair and training, and now almost two decades as a science teacher. During this time, I have also worked as an adjunct instructor for NCSU's Schools of Education and Engineering, as well as earning my Master's degree in Geosciences from Mississippi State University.  Life has been most interesting...I feel that I am a "poster child" for the need to be adaptable and flexible, and why being able to keep learning is so important.